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sandystarr88's Journal

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You were what I wanted, I gave what I gave
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anakin skywalker, anakin/obi-wan, animorphs, archaeology, art, atp tour, band, barack obama, barcelona, barnes & noble, beach, bible, blue, books, catholicism, champions league, chile, christianity, clarinet, clayton webb, coffee, cordelia chase, cultures, day dreaming, democratic party, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, dogs, draco malfoy, draco/pansy, dvds, europe, everworld, exploring, faith, family, fan fiction, fifa, french, friendship, fruits, futbol, germany, graham/emma, happy endings, harry/luna, hayden christensen, history, holidays, home depot center, hope, house of black, house/cuddy, human rights, ichigo/rukia, jack/kate, jack/sam, john/elizabeth, josh/donna, klaus/caroline, klaus/violet, knowledge, la galaxy, la liga, languages, lavender brown, learning, liberalism, lost, love, luna lovegood, madrid, mal/inara, mark/eduardo, max/liz, mckay/cadman, michael/maria, milan, mls, movies, museums, music, mysteries, mythology, narcissa malfoy, obi-wan kenobi, ocean, once upon a time, organized chaos, otps, pansy parkinson, paris, passport stamps, peaches, percy weasley, philosophy, politics, prayer, prequel trilogy, psychology, puerto rico, puppies, purple, ravenclaw, reading, redemption, regulus black, relaxing, religion, remus lupin, remus/tonks, roger federer, romance, rome, roswell, roxton/marguerite, salvation, scarfs, sight seeing, sirius black, sleeping, slytherin, soccer, socialism, spanish, star wars, starbucks, stars, summer, tennis, that one, the lost world, the social network, the west wing, tobias/rachel, tom marvolo riddle, traveling, tropical islands, united nations, united states air force, universal healthcare, usmnt, ussf, vatican, waking up late, world cup, world peace, xander/cordelia, yes we can

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